Michael Natkin's Kimchi Jigae with Shiitake and Daikon


[Photograph: Michael Natkin]

We've got to thank Michael Natkin, author of Herbivoracious for veg-ifying one of our favorite Korean dishes, kimchi jigae, so that our vegetarian compatriots can enjoy the goodness that is this sour-spicy stew.

Natkin's version, Kimchi Jigae with Shiitake and Daikon omits the pork and seafood generally used, and swaps out the seafood fermented kimchi a vegetarian variation. The umami factor is boosted with the addition of miso and soy. Finished off with cubes of tofu, a bit of chile powder, and a drizzle of sesame oil, this vegetarian kimchi jigae packs in all of the wonderful flavors that we've come to expect from this favorite Korean dish.

What Worked: There's something about this cabbage and chile laced soup that comforts like no other.

What Didn't: Nothin', didn't even miss the meat.

Suggested Tweaks: Daikon and shiitakes are wonderful but feel free to experiment with other veggie options as well. Carrots, potatoes, and greens can all be thrown into the mix.

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