The Craziest Major League Baseball Hot Dogs of 2012

Hot Dog of the Week

A unique hot dog feature each week from hot dog connoisseur and cartoonist Hawk Krall!

Last year we brought you all sorts of delicious, ridiculous hot dogs concoctions—some locally inspired while many others were regionally incorrect—from both the Major League ballparks and the Minor Leagues.

This year, I went even further to tell you about the terrific dogs from carts and stands outside the stadiums.

But there are still plenty of brand new, amazing and/or totally insane hot dog monstrosities being rolled out at the ballparks all over the country this season.

My favorites are the ones that are really trying to reflect local tastes, like the Provel Cheese topped dog from the Food Network hot dog stand in St. Louis, or Target Field's bratwursts made a mile away from the ballpark at Kramarczuk Sausage, or the Colombian-ish SoBe dog at the new Marlins stadium.

And we can't forget the deep-fried, bacon-wrapped, four-foot-long mutant hot dogs out there, of which there are plenty.

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