A Sandwich a Day: The Italian Hoagie at Hey Paison! in Seattle, WA

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If you get off a plane at Seattle's Sea-Tac Airport and feel slightly peckish, Hey Paison! is the stop to make. Located ten minutes from the airport in Burien, they've got an Italian Hoagie that will make you think you've stepped off the plane on the wrong coast. In a town notorious lacking of East Coast classics, these guys do it right. From the red-checkered tablecloths to the Sinatra soundtrack to the owner actually calling out to a friend "hey, paison," you'll be transported across the country before you even take a bite.

The first leg up that Hey Paison! has on any other Italian hoagie imitator in town is its specially made roll, which has the fluff-to-tough ratio down pat. Solid enough to hold up to nine inches of various sliced deli meats, roasted peppers, marinated vegetables and olive oil, it's still soft enough that bites of the sandwich tear off easily.

Layering of ingredients in the Italian Hoagie at Hey Paison! is truly taken to an artform, in the least Subway Sandwich Artist way possible. The slices of provolone protect the bread from sogginess while pieces of meat cocoon the vegetables and peppers. The rolling of the meats allows all the excess meat to find space outside the bread, while the loose ingredients stay tucked away.

The sandwich masters at Hey Paison! may hide out in Burien, 15 minutes south of downtown Seattle, but they're worth a drive to visit, and if you're heading to the airport, an Italian Hoagie will beat the ever-loving pants off anything you'd get to eat at Sea-Tac.

Hey Paison!

641 Southwest 152nd Street Seattle, WA 98166 (map);206-631-8668