First Look: Smucker Farms Brings Pennsylvania's Lancaster County to D.C.

[Photographs: Brian Oh]

"Why is our meat so special? Because it's really grass fed," said Eric Smucker, owner of Smucker Farms of Lancaster County, a market that just opened in Washington D.C. When Smucker says grass fed, he means grass fed. No corn or grass finishing. Their meat, along with the other offerings, have the quality and authenticity synonymous with Lancaster County of Pennsylvania.

Smucker Farms stocks handpicked products from small, primarily Amish and Mennonite, producers from southern Pennsylvania, as well as some producers in New York and Philadelphia. The minimal but intimate space's metal wire shelves are stocked with artisanal snacks, canned goods, drinks, soaps, and even handmade toys. Walking through the store is more like visiting a friend's pantry—if your friend were more of an incredibly well stocked locavore chef—than going grocery shopping.

Grass Fed Dairy

Smucker is committed to supporting his community. The market supplies products to D.C. restaurants, offers a CSA program, and contributes regular donations to their neighbor, Martha's Table, a community development program that offers family support services.

"D.C. needs Lancaster food." And beyond food, Smucker is bringing the Lancaster County spirit of engagement and mutual support, something that we can always do with more of inside the beltway.

Take a tour inside Smucker Farms, right this way »

Smucker Farms of Lancaster County

2118 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 (map)