24 Savory Breakfast in Bed Recipes for Mother's Day



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I don't think I ever made my mom breakfast in bed when I was a kid. The closest I ever got was reading Calvin and Hobbes cartoons in which Calvin considers doing it for his mom; I thought, perhaps, I should do the same. Well I'm making up for lost time now by imploring each and every one of you to make breakfast for your own mom's* this Mother's Day. I figure if at least 50 of you Serious Eaters out there do it, that's got to excuse me from a few years worth of ungrateful-kid purgatory, right?

*Or better yet, come over and make breakfast in bed for mine

Oh fine, I suppose I'll do something nice for my mom too.

Eggs and Beyond


The cornerstone of any good brunch, and the best way to make sure your mom's start their days off right.

Potato Dishes


Crispy and starchy fill-her-ups that'll make your mother want to curl right back up under the covers and fall asleep. Hopefully that'll get you out of any other extra mother's day morning duties.

Serious Breakfast Sandwiches


Serious sandwiches for serious moms.

Pancakes and Pastries


Light, fluffy, crispy, and rich. Kind of like your mother. Or something.