A Sandwich A Day: Trout Salad at The Sentinel, San Francisco

A Sandwich a Day

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[Photograph: Lauren Sloss]

I have something of a problem with the trout salad sandwich ($8.75) at The Sentinel—namely, that I can't seem to stop ordering it. This is a problem because every sandwich available at The Sentinel is, well, awesome. But man...that trout salad. Tender, flaky pieces of smokey trout are combined with diced up apple, snappy fennel, and mayonnaise. The flavor combinations here are unreal—the trout plus the sweet apple, plus the fennel's depth, makes for a layered, complex sandwich. And it's huge! Far bigger than when I first started frequenting The Sentinel, easily making it worth its $8.75 price tag. All of that, and on fresh baked bread to boot? I'll just say The Sentinel's trout salad is a problem I don't really mind having.

The Sentinel

37 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco CA 94104 (map) 415-284-9960; thesentinelsf.com