King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking's Granola Bread


[Photograph: Donna Currie]

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The sweetness of this granola bread in King Arthur Flour's Whole Grain Baking book depends on the sweetness of the granola you use. The book suggests adjusting the amount of sugar to compensate, if you're using a very sweet granola.

Unless your granola is very, very sweet, though, this bread isn't going to be dessert-like, so it would still be appropriate for the right kind of sandwiches; ideal for grilled cheese. Of course, it would also make a nice breakfast of brunch bread, toasted with a little butter or a even smear of cream cheese. I can also imagine it making a great turkey sandwich.

What Worked: Simple recipe where everything is combined at once. Great use of some leftover granola that needed a home. Perfect recipe for improvising by adding nuts, seeds, dried fruit, to suit your taste.

What Didn't: Hydration is going to be different depending on the granola used. One with more oats will absorb more water, while nut and seeds won't absorb as much. The one I used worked well, but it's something to consider when making this.

Suggested Tweaks: Next time I might use a granola with more nuts and fruit compared to the oats.

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