We're Looking For Photography Interns


[Photo: Robyn Lee]

Are you a whiz with a camera? Snap a picture of every sandwich you eat? Love food, styling it, and making it look great? If so, we might be looking for you.

Serious Eats is hiring photography interns in San Francisco and Chicago. The ideal candidate will be able to work around 3 days a week, and will have some flexibility in terms of schedule (eg shooting the occasional nighttime food event).

We're looking for interns with cameras they're comfortable with, who can shoot clear, compelling photos in all light conditions—and, equally as important, can edit their own images and turn them around quickly (next day or even same day, depending on circumstances). Since some photoshoots will involve bars, we ask that applicants be of legal drinking age, 21+.

Perks will involve the occasional food and drink, the good company of Serious Eats writers and editors, and the chance to develop quite a portfolio, plus getting into new restaurants, meeting the chefs, and generally seeing how it all happens.

Interested? Contact [email protected], with subject line "San Francisco Photography Intern" or "Chicago Photography Intern." Write us a cover letter detailing your food photography experience, the camera (and flash equipment) you shoot with, and the photo editing software you use; then send us 1. a link to a website (eg Flickr) where we can see your work (preferred); or 2. samples of your food photography (three images max, please size considerately!).

Note that due to volume, we may not be able to reply to each application individually. Qualified applicants will be contacted via email to further the process.