New Wheat Thins Flavors: Spicy Buffalo and Zesty Salsa


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

We tried the two new Wheat Thins flavors: Spicy Buffalo and Zesty Salsa. Wheat Thins are one of those snacks that many of us have strong opinions about. Many of us had a box in our cupboard growing up (or still do today), so our flavor expectations are pretty strong. Here's what we thought of the new ones.

Wheat Thins Spicy Buffalo: The front of the box features a large, ominous-looking bottle of hot sauce, implying that the contents will be spicy, perhaps very spicy. But they're not. They're actually quite mild and a little sweet, tasting somewhat like condensed tomato soup. They might be interesting with some blue cheese dip on top for a cracker-ified version of Buffalo wings.

SE tech support wizard Ben Fishner secretly loved them. Here's his tweet to prove it:

@fozziebayer: It's all over now: I've discovered that I like Buffalo Sauce flavored Wheat Thins #theheartwantswhattheheartwants

Wheat Thins Zesty Salsa: These Thins have an immediately familiar taste. Some of us thought they were reminiscent of Sun Chips; others noticed a Cool Ranch Doritos similarity. Yet another taster was reminded of "Taco Tuesday and that powdered taco seasoning." They left a little dry, chemically aftertaste on our palates. They might be worth a shot if you're a fan of either of the chips mentioned above.

Who likes Wheat Thins? And do you think they taste the same as they did growing up? (They seemed a little drier and more cardboard-y than what we remember.)