Dinner Tonight: Gail Simmons's Welsh Rarebit with Guinness and a Fried Egg


[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

In Talking with My Mouth Full, Gail Simmons claims that this is the "perfect dish to accompany a marriage proposal," which, of course, accurately lines up with her own story (which comes in chapter 13, if you want to know). Though my own experiences with Welsh rarebit aren't exactly the same as hers, I do have fond memories of this warming meal of toasted bread with a Worcestershire-spiked cheese sauce. The egg addition makes for an even more sustaining meal.

Why I Picked This Recipe: I'm not much of an eggs and toast guy, but if you add some kind of cheese sauce, I'm usually in. Honestly, I hadn't thought much of this recipe until I came across it in Simmons's book. I couldn't wait to try it again. Oh, and the Guinness just sealed the deal.

What Worked: The sauce is rich and complex, and it only gets better after hanging out under the broiler.

What Didn't: I tried this once with rye bread instead of the pumpernickel the recipe calls for, and that was a mistake. Stick with the pumpernickel.