Cereal Eats: Honeycomb Cereal Rules


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

There are those rare and beautiful moments where a cereal takes me by surprise. It could be a brand new rockstar, it could be a quiet old friend, or it could be that moment when I realize I've been missing out on one that's been standing right in front of me. It's not the brightest, it's not chocolately and doesn't have marshmallows, there's not surprise inside or added fruit. But I need to express the fact that Honeycomb Cereal is one of the finest and most underrated cereals in existence.

I have two distinct childhood memories of the Comb. One time, I sampled it at a friend's house and was totally blown away. I kept that sweet bite as a memory tucked in my heart, until one day, miraculously, a box appeared in a mini-box variety pack. I demanded it be mine and eagerly poured the sugary yellow cereal into a bowl, added the milk, and took a huge, joyous bite. The milk was sour. The MILK was SOUR. I had to throw out the entire bowl. It was one of the saddest moments of my young life.

The second memory is also burned into my brain—the '90s Honeycomb commercials. There were always these kids, and then that little creature that said "Me want honeycomb!" And there was that shot of the Honeycomb cereal pieces puffing up and being drizzled with honey, and then, those damn kids actually got to eat it. I don't think I need to tell you that Honeycomb wasn't allowed at my breakfast table.

I was taking a stroll down the cereal aisle for column inspiration when the Honeycomb caught my eye on a bottom shelf. Back at SEHQ, I had my first real bowl of Honeycomb since that fateful day of bad milk and it was just as glorious as I had remembered. I have no clue why I waited so many years to reunite! Sure, there may have been a few rogue handful or two from a college bin, but never a full-on bowl or box. I was distracted by Lucky Charms or Fruity Pebbles or something else that seemed more exciting.

It didn't really fit in any of my cereal sections. It wasn't a hearty, everyday cereal nor did it seem to be an especially tempting dessert cereal and it seemed too sugary for a snack cereal. Boy was I wrong.


I love Honey Comb's airy crunch. I love the sweet flavors of corn and toasted honey. It's reminiscent of Kix, but with the not-too-sweet crust of Frosted Cheerios. It is fantastic dry and softens wonderfully in milk. Another fun thing about Honeycomb is the size and shape. The pieces range from small and compact to large and sprawling. The larger pieces are actually quite large, maybe some of the biggest cereal out there.

A glance at the box shows that these aren't all that bad for you, considering. They have about the same sugar as any Cheerios variety and calorie count stays relatively low. I'm not saying they're healthy, I'm just saying, it's a sugary cereal you don't have to feel too terrible about.

I'm trying not to move too quickly here, but I think Honey Comb might be one of my favorite cereals and it's only our second date.

Honeycomb was introduced in 1965 but the formula was changed in 2006, in an effort to improve its health content. Once again, I have to call upon those of you who have a strong memory of the old Honey Comb to tell me if there is a real difference. I think the flavor is just fine how it is!

Any Honeycomb lovers out there? Anyone remember the old version? What do you think are the most underrated cereals?