April Bloomfield's Devils on Horseback


[Photograph: David Loftus]

This week we're sharing what we consider to be April Bloomfield's greatest hits, many taken straight from the menu at The Spotted Pig. At the 'Pig, Bloomfield does drinking snacks right, and these Devils on Horseback are the ideal way to soak up whatever you're sipping.

Bacon-wrapped prunes would be wonderful on their own but in typical Bloomfield fashion, she takes it a step further by plumping the prunes in tea and Armagnac, and stuffing them with tiny bits of tender poached pear. These are the kind of snacks that go fast; doubling the recipe might be a good plan.

What Worked: Sweet and salty, these Devils on Horseback are the kind of drinking snack we want to have around all of the time.

What Didn't: Nada, these bacon-wrapped prunes are pretty much perfect.

Suggested Tweaks: We could see subbing in dates or perhaps even apricots for the prunes in this recipe.

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