April Bloomfield's Asparagus with Parmesan Pudding and Prosciutto


[Photograph: David Loftus]

Asparagus, eggs, and prosciutto are the unofficial holy trinity of springtime cooking. And since these three are so well matched, figuring out how to prepare them isn't much of a issue. You could grill the asparagus, wrap it in prosciutto, and top it off with a poached egg, or throw these three guys in an frittata or a quiche. But if you really want to do right by your asparagus, eggs, and prosciutto, you'll want to give April Bloomfield's Asparagus with Parmesan Pudding and Prosciutto a go.

Adapted from A Girl and Her Pig, the pudding is a silky, wobbly custard with just enough Parmesan and garlic. The asparagus is pan-charred and tossed with olive oil, lemon, and a bit of basil. Served alongside slices of nutty prosciutto with crusty slices of toast, this is the kind of dish that'll have you stocking up on asparagus all season long.

What Worked: This recipe is a keeper, another gorgeous way to enjoy eggs, asparagus, and prosciutto.

What Didn't: Not a thing.

Suggested Tweaks: Parmesan custard might just be the way to go with other favorite springtime veggies—hello ramps, fiddleheads, and favas.

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