Welcome Our New Editors!


Serious Eats is bustin' out all over. In the last year we've added Sweets, Drinks, and Chicago to our family of blogs. And as good as Carey, Erin, Kenji, Maggie, Robyn, Nick, and Meredith are, even they cry uncle once in awhile. So we've added a couple of amazing full-time Serious Eaters to the crew, and we wanted to officially welcome them.

Don't worry. They're hardly strangers to our wonderful community, as you're about to find out. Max Falkowitz and Carrie Vasios are longtime Serious Eaters, and we're thrilled that they're joining us. We're also thrilled that Carey Jones and Erin Zimmer are stepping up to new, exciting roles.

But rather than talk too much, I'll let each of the editors tell you what they'll be doing now. In their own words.

Max Falkowitz, New York Editor

Hi everyone, I'm Max, and I've been writing for Serious Eats for two years as the author of Spice Hunting and Scooped. I couldn't be more excited to take the reins as editor of Serious Eats: New York. In addition to all our wonderful features, we'll explore ways to make the site even more of a go-to destination for every New Yorker who loves to eat. You can expect even more dispatches from the city's ethnic dining capitals and stories from the amazing people who work so hard to bring us our daily meals.

Carrie Vasios, Sweets Editor

I'm Carrie, and I've been with SE since January of 2011. I write three columns (Serious Entertaining, Wake and Bake, and Cookie Monster) and act as Community Manager for the site. I've recently taken over as editor of Sweets, which is a sugar-filled dream come true. I can't wait to expand our Sweets coverage, focusing on everything from new candies to behind-the-scenes baking.

Carey Jones, Senior Managing Editor

Serious Eats has been part of my life since I was Ed's first intern, before the site launched in 2006; for the last three years, I've been the editor of Serious Eats: New York, with a little work helping Maggie out on Sweets.

Now, I'll be the Senior Managing Editor—coordinating the many sites that make up the wide world of Serious Eats, assisting editors on new site launches, and generally making sure that every little corner of the site lives up to the standards we set for ourselves at Serious Eats. I'll still be chiming in on all things New York, with reviews, roundups, and more. But my main goal from here on out is to help all the other all-star editors make their sites as great as they can be. We couldn't have a better team to do it.

Erin Zimmer, National Managing Editor

It was back in 2007 that I first emailed Ed as a fangirl, telling him how much I loved Serious Eats; the next thing I knew, he was hiring me as the SE: Washington Bureau Chief (still the most official-sounding title on my resume). In 2008, I moved up to New York from D.C. to work at the storied SEHQ, and boy has it been an amazing ride watching the sites grow in so many dynamic directions. As the National Managing Editor, I'm eager to continue working with our enormously talented team of writers and editors (you already know and love them as much as I do) while developing more editorial partnerships and community events.

J. Kenji Lopéz-Alt, Chief Creative Officer

I've been writing my Food Lab column for Serious Eats since 2009 and have been the Managing Editor of the site since 2010. As the new Chief Creative Officer (a title we completely made up), I'll now be working exclusively on improving our recipe, technique, taste test, and equipment columns, as well as continuing to manage all of our video content. We've always had an extremely strong recipes program, thanks to our amazing lineup of recipe writers and testers. My goal is to make Serious Eats your first and only stop for finding the best, most fun, most interesting, and—most important of all—most reliable free recipes on-line. I'll also be working with Jessica, our outstanding videographer on bringing you more unique and original video content. Want to see more of a particular type of recipe? Want to know what's the best jarred salsa? Feel free to contact me any time at [email protected] with questions, comments or ideas about our recipes, techniques, taste tests, and equipment columns!

Maggie Hoffman, Drinks Editor

I'm Maggie, Drinks editor (and founder) and I started out writing about craft beer for SE back in 2009 (and we launched Drinks about a year ago as a dedicated site). I edited SE: Sweets with Carey Jones for the last 7 months, but now I'm pumped to hand the reins over to the fabulous Carrie V, so I can focus on my awesome drinks contributors and explore the world of sippable deliciousness full time.

Nick Kindelsperger, Chicago Editor

I'm Nick, the editor of Serious Eats Chicago. Though the site only launched back in November of 2011, I've actually been writing for SE since way back in 2007, when I first started the Dinner Tonight column. You can usually find me on the hunt for the most delicious foods in Chicago, including my never ending quest for the best taco.

Meredith Smith, Slice Editor

Hey Serious Eaters, I'm Meredith. I started writing for Slice last January, and I'm quickly approaching a full year as the editor. I'm looking forward to keeping you up to speed on all the saucy, cheesy happenings while continuing to collaborate with contributors to bring you better and better pizza-filled original content.

Robyn Lee, A Hamburger Today and Photo Editor

I'm Robyn, AHT editor and overall Serious Eats photographer and photo editor. I started interning at SE in January of 2007, and by the end of the year I was part of the full-time staff. Unlike everyone else, my role isn't really changing; my goals are to continue pumping up our burger content, improving photos, and, if I have spare time, drawing more doodles.

So let's give a warm Serious Eats welcome to Carrie Vasios and Max Falkowitz, and a round of applause for all our fine editors. Welcome to the fray, Carrie and Max. We're thrilled to have you.