Video: Skittles Commercials with Trale Lewous


Trale Lewous loves Skittles more than anyone else in the world, and he won't let anything get in his way when it comes to spreading his love. It doesn't matter that he can't pronounce their name correctly ("skit-TELS"), or that his grammar is off, or that he only has one outfit, or that he's a buffoon. No one else is as passionate about Skittles as he is.

Trale Lewous is Skittles' current spokesperson for their new flavors, but he's been spreading the good Skittles word since 2008 when Los Angeles-based actor and comedian Nathan Barnatt started putting videos of himself playing Lewous on YouTube. The videos paid off; last year Barnatt won a Skittles vending machine, and later that year Skittles sent Barnatt a Skittles-covered boombox. Many horrible Skittles commercials later, Skittles finally hired him as a real spokesperson.

Barnatt has loads of Skittles-related videos. Here are some of my favorites.

Horrible Skittles Commercials (2012)

Trale Lewous Skittles Commercials (2008)

Skittles Boom Box (2011)

Barnatt's dancing videos are pretty amazing. Check out his dance video with Yelle.

Skittles Head Explosion Commercial (2011)

Skittles Song

Trale Lewous NEW Skittles Spokesperson (2012)