Video: "I'm Making Cook's Illustrated Beef Stew! (Prep Time: 29 Hours)"


As a former employee of Cook's Illustrated, the notoriously detail-obsessed, recipe-based cooking magazine run by the gloriously anal-retentive Chris Kimball, I'm always a bit tickled when someone has a bit of fun poking them in the ribs. I mean, I'm still a huge admirer of the magazine and enjoyed every second of working there, but let's face it: They're really, really easy to parodize.

In the past we've seen the "The Day I Killed A Man," a faux-editorial written in the rambling style of Chris Kimball ("I always carry a hundred yard spool of number four gauge twine in my truck. Three winters ago this twine nearly saved Christmas dinner."), or the Cook's Illustrated Recipe: Boiled Water ("In my first effort to produce a reliable boiled water, I began with a cylindrical steel container, or 'pot' as often called for in traditional recipes."—not to be confused with Adam Kuban's equally detailed boiled water recipe).

The newest parody might be the best yet, featuring a couple of animated rabbits discussing the Cook's Illustrated recipe for beef stew. 29-hour, 40 ingredient, 80-step beef stew, that is.

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Video: Laura Zigman