Snapshots from Prague: 10 Must-Eat Foods

[Photographs: Eat Your World]

Prague tends to inspire wistful remembrances—of its beauty, its incredible history, its famous beer, its majestic spires, and its graceful bridges. But what many people don't often talk about is how great Czech cuisine is. Drawing heavily from nearby Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Austria, it suffered greatly from four decades of communist dictatorship. As a result, good Czech restaurants using fresh ingredients all but disappeared.

Although the situation has improved, many Czechs will still tell you they don't like Czech food unless it's prepared at home.

But fear not! On a recent trip to Prague, I was pleasantly surprised by the offerings. It's true there's a lot of meat and where there's meat, there's nearly always gravy and houskové knedlíky, the spongy steamed bread dumplings that people seem to love or hate. They also, of course, pour the freshest pilsner on the planet and have an ever-growing craft beer scene.

Just be warned: like other heavily touristed cities, food quality varies widely among restaurants, particularly in the dime-a-dozen Old Town tourist traps. Here are 10 must-eat foods that you should track down while in Prague.

10 Must-Eat Foods in Prague

Ovocné knedlíky
Nakládaný hermelín
Svíčková na smetaně