LA Taco's Annual Taco Madness Bracket


Now in its fourth year, LA Taco's annual Taco Madness bracket is unveiled every March to coincide with some other wimpy bracket going on elsewhere. Thirty-two of Los Angeles' best tacos from across the board (and the map) compete for the right to be called 2012's taco champion. For most spots on this list, there is no greater glory.

The initial picks and team seedings are done by the LA Taco committee, a shadow group that seems to emerge from their secret lair only once a year, to give Los Angeles's taquerati something to chatter about. Insanely cool taco drawings by SE hot dog columnist Hawk Krall bring a splash of color to the event, but the rest is up to you, dear reader.

Voting for Round One is now open and will continue through March 21, which means you can make your vote count.

As for this year's matchups, there are more than a few that push the bounds of safety. An Echo Park turf war between Taco Zone and Tacos Ariza? Hide your skinny jeans, kids, this one could get ugly. Longstanding Highland Park outpost La Estrella squares off against East Hollywood legend (and James Beard award-winning) Yuca's. And that's just the first round!

The thirty-two team list reads like an LA taco lover's dream, and we've profiled more than a few already:

Mariscos Jalisco (last year's runner-up)
Tacos Ariza
El Chato
King Taco
Ricky's Fish Taco
Tacos Leo / Tacos Tamix
Taco Zone

Be sure to read up, then head over to to cast your vote for LA's best. May the tastiest taco win.