Kickstarter Project to Raise Money for PBS Food Show


There's no shortage of worthy food-related projects waiting to be funded on Kickstarter, but I'd like to give a shout-out to the good folks at Foster Harris House in Washington Virginia, just down the road from the Inn at Little Washington.

Chef-owner John MacPherson is a really good cook who's committed to sustainable agriculture in an inclusive way, as my wife and I found out when we stayed there last year. The dude's also a serious bicyclist who leads Tour de Foods in beautiful Rapahonack County. We even bought a copy of their self-published cookbook, which we have used successfully on a number of occasions.

John and his wife Diane are trying to raise money to do their own PBS food show, In Season. Good cooks, good people trying to do righteous things are certainly the kinds of things serious eaters can get behind.

Read more about the Kickstarter project here ยป

Watch a Promo for 'In Season'