Jim Lahey's Radicchio Salad


[Photograph: Squire Fox]

Get the Recipe

With the brilliant No-Knead Pizza Dough recipe in Jim Lahey's My Pizza, it would be pretty easy to forget about most other things on the menu aside from pizza. But one can't live on pizza alone, right?

In My Pizza, Lahey has included recipes for many of the fabulous non-pizza menu items at his New York pizzeria Co., including this fascinating Radicchio Salad. It's a salad full of bitter, earthy flavors interspersed with creamy-pungent bites of Taleggio and bursts of sweet-sour balsamic vinegar. We're not quite sure how Lahey decided that radicchio, shiitakes, and Taleggio work on the same plate, but we're pretty pleased that he's passed along this unexpectedly but really quite wonderful combo to us.

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