Jim Lahey's Pizza Bianca


[Photograph: Squire Fox]

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Our love for Jim Lahey's pizza bianca is no secret. Remember when Ed declared that a whole pizza bianca was the ultimate dinner party bring-along?

Well, lucky for us and all fans of pizza bianca, Lahey has adapted it for My Pizza, and even better, it's another fantastic and dead simple no-knead recipe.

Beginning nine to twelve hours before you plan on baking, the dough comes together, sitting and fermenting until just about doubled in size. The super sticky dough is then divided into two portions and allowed to rise again for an hour or two. When you're ready to bake and your oven is preheated and blazing hot, the dough is shaped, dimpled with your fingertips, sprinkled with rosemary, and slid onto a pizza stone.

It immediately starts bubbling and buckling and a few minutes later you're left with a gorgeous pizza bianca that's ready to be dressed with sea salt and olive oil. It's a beautiful thing in its simplicity: crunchy and charred in some places, tender and pliant in others.

If you'd like to dress it up (we'll take ours as is, please), Lahey recommends serving it with a bowl of ricotta for spreading.

As always with our Cook the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of 'My Pizza' to give away.