Jim Lahey's Bird's Nest Pie


[Photograph: Squire Fox]



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Aside from being one of the loveliest pizzas on the menu at Jim Lahey's pizzeria, Co., it's also the most spring appropriate. Beginning with Lahey's signature No-Knead Pizza Dough, this pie gets topped off with finely grated Parmesan, nutty Saint-Nectaire cheese, and a tangle of thinly shaved asparagus stalks. Sounds pretty good, right? Just wait, it's about to get even better.

Midway through baking the pizza, it's pulled from the oven and topped with quail eggs that settle into the asparagus, retaining their fantastically runny yolks. And since the eggs are so tiny, each slice can have its own egg topper. But if you can't find quail eggs simply sub in the smallest eggs you can find. It won't be quite as novel but you'll still get that great yolky effect.

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