Gluten-Free Tuesday: Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


[Photograph: Elizabeth Barbone]


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The other day I tried to create chewy gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, and while this version missed the chewy mark, they was so flavorful that I didn't mind. The flavor comes from golden syrup and browned butter, two ingredients you don't usually find in chocolate chip cookies. They lend a nutty, caramel-like flavor to the already buttery cookies.

While these aren't super-chewy cookies, they are softer than traditional gluten-free chocolate chip cookies because of the golden syrup, egg yolks, and a low baking temperature. If you prefer soft and chewy cookies, under-bake the cookies slightly. To do this, reduce baking time until the cookies are just set and faintly brown on the edges.

If you're dairy-free or egg-free, this recipe can be adapted to fit your diet. For dairy-free cookies, replace the browned butter with melted shortening or vegetable oil. The finished cookies lack the caramelized flavor from the browned butter. To make up for this, add a splash (about two teaspoons) of vanilla. For egg-free cookies, replace the eggs with ground flaxseed.

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