Foie-lapalooza: 5 Ways to Eat Foie Gras in Montreal

[Photos: Aaron Arizpe]

Despite my gluttonous dietary tendencies, I have an insufficiently thick layer of blubber to combat the cold in Montréal. By my last count, the number of shirts I have on is greater than the temperature outside, and that doesn't even include the wind chill. So I've taken to eating foie gras at every meal. Go ahead, judge me.

It's been quite easy, actually. In Montréal, you don't find foie gras—it finds you. Order a stuffed pig's trotter and you'll find it inside. French fries might very well have it on top. French toast and foie? Sure why not.

I started my tour de foie at Joe Beef. Co-chefs/owners Frédéric Morin and David McMillan are two of the city's most (in)famous protein pushers right now, and the creators of the fiendish Foie Gras Double Down.

My next stop was the celebrated Au Pied de Cochon. The restaurant's emblem depicts a chef getting a piggy-back ride from, well, a pig. I was interested in no such physical maneuvers after a trifecta of triglycerides that included foie gras croquettes, a whole pork trotter stuffed with foie gras, and, yes, foie gras poutine.

To finish, I hit an off-the-radar bistro in the Latin Quarter called Bouillon Bilk. Here liver lovers can get their fix even at dessert. I concluded a very fine meal with an eggy, deeply caramelized slice of pain perdu topped with a seared strip of— what else? —foie gras.

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Joe Beef 2491 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC H3J 1N6, Canada (map) (514) 935-6504;

Au Pied de Cochon 536 Avenue Duluth Est Montréal, Québec H2L 1A9, Canada (map) (514) 281-1114;

Bouillon Bilk 1595 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, H2X 2S9, Canada (map) (514) 845-1595;