Dinner Tonight: Grilled Chipotle-Rubbed Steaks with Lime Butter


[Photograph: Blake Royer]


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Compound butter is one of the easiest, yet most impressive ways to make a meal more delicious. Even though it's nothing more than softened butter with herbs or spices or other flavorings whipped into it, somehow it achieves a level of refinement that comes across as very impressive (for a barbecue, having a couple varieties to slather on everything makes for a fantastic party). Though the old-school recipes use French flavors, just about anything will play well with butter.

This one goes on a hanger steak rubbed with ground chipotles, cumin, and paprika, which give it a smoky, spicy kick. The decadence of a beefy, juicy steak is phenomenal in its own right, and with a butter brightened with minced garlic, lime zest, and lime juice melted over the top (keeping with the flavors inspired by Mexico), this dish goes from good to great. Though the recipe called for ribeye, I grilled a hanger steak instead to keep the price in check.

Adapted from Food & Wine.

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Grilled Chipotle-Rubbed Steaks with Lime Butter