Dinner Tonight: Daniel Boulud's Braised Basque Chicken with Tomatoes and Paprika


[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

The occasional problem with braised chicken dishes is that now matter how flavorful and dynamic the ingredients you start with are, over the cooking process they can end up muted and tame. That is definitely not the case with this Daniel Boulud recipe in Chef, Interrupted. Boulud, of course, knows a few things about braising, and here he pairs the chicken with a handful of ingredients that seem to only get more intense over time, making for a dish that is spicy and acidic—two things I love.

It's all about the color red. Paprika is actually used twice, first as a component in the Spanish chorizo and then in powdered form with the sweet paprika. Red bell peppers and red onions add some sweetness, while a heap of crushed red pepper flakes lend a spicy kick. Continuing with the Spanish theme, the acidity comes from dry sherry.

The original recipe calls for only chicken thighs, but I used both thighs and breasts. Because breasts don't take as long to cook, I added the breasts halfway through the braising process, and they came out juicy and tender.

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