10 Must-Eats in New Orleans

If you're in New Orleans today for Mardi Gras, you're probably not reading this. You're probably hopefully clad in beads, merrymaking in the streets with a 28-ounce drink in hand. For the rest of us, we can pretend we're there too--and if we were, this would be our list of must-eats to hit up before, after, and during all the merrymaking.

No city can do what New Orleans does like New Orleans does it. From the seafood shacks to the po' boy establishments to the just-fried beignets dunked into chicory coffee, it's incredible how much deliciousness is packed into one single city. Eating in New Orleans is an unparalleled delight, whether or not you're wearing beads. Though beads are always good.

Here are a mere 10 favorites, most all of them in the "cheap eats" genre of eats. Let us know what others you'd add!

Go to New Orleans, Eat All This

Muffulettas from Central Grocery (Classic) or Cochon Butcher (Cheffy) »
Fried Chicken from Willie Mae's Scotch House »
Po' Boys from Domilise's, Zimmer's Seafood, R&O, and plenty more »
Beignets from Cafe du Monde or Morning Call »
Charbroiled Oysters at Drago's »
Breakfast at Stanley »
Sno-Bliz from Hansen's Sno-Bliz Shop »
Gelato from Angelo Brocato »
Zapp's Voodoo Chips »
Classic Cocktail from French 75 »