Suvir Saran's Juicy Turkey-Cheddar Burgers


[Photograph: Ben Fink]

As always with our Cook the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of Masala Farm to give away this week.

Unlike an inherently flavorful beef burger, a burger made of ground turkey needs a little help to elevate itself into the realm of truly tasty. Suvir Saran, author of Masala Farm, has taken it upon himself to craft a turkey burger that's exceptional. Taking cues from both his Indian heritage and American ingredients, Saran's Juicy Turkey-Cheddar Burgers will forever change the way you think about bird burgers.

Saran has flavors going into these burgers in every step of the process. Curry leaves, chile flakes, cumin, and onions are toasted together and worked into the ground turkey with a blend of shredded cheddar, jalapeño, and cilantro before being seared stovetop to brown the crust on the outside with a touch of pink remaining within.

Served on toasty buns with a dollop of cool, chunky raita, these burgers are one of the best examples of east-meets-west cooking that we've come across in a long, long time. And certainly good enough to banish any remaining turkey burger related stigma.

Why you should make this: Turkey burgers have no business being this good.

Next time we might think about: Instead of a burger bun, next time we're thinking about keeping in line with the Indian theme and subbing in naan.