Sunday Brunch: Cheese and Bacon Soufflé


[Photograph: Sydney Oland]

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Whether it's on a burger or in a soufflé, cheese and bacon are a combination that is hard to tire of. Many people find soufflé daunting, but as long as whipping egg whites isn't a problem for you, then soufflé should be simple as well. This dish is essentially a simple cheese sauce (with bacon) enriched with egg yolks, then folded into egg whites. If there is one "trick" to making soufflé, it's probably folding the white into the base gently and in small portions—that, and a hot oven.

The cheese base for the soufflé can be made a day or two days before your guests arrive, and then gently warmed on the stove while you whip your egg whites. Cheddar is a personal favorite, but any good melting cheese will work as well. An emmanthaler and ham or a gruyere and fresh pea soufflé would be a great brunch as well.

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