Sauced: Jalapeño-Serrano Hot Sauce


Although I wasn't over my hot sauce kick, I was over red peppers this week so I changed things up by going green, turning to the more common green serranos and jalapeños as heat sources.

Looking to be more traditional—by American standards at least—I used a process that's more of a pepper-vinegar infusion to create this thin, drizzly sauce that packs immense heat along with great flavor.

Puree together the peppers, garlic, salt and vinegar, then let it stand for three days and finally strain it to arrive at the final sauce. The jalapenos provided a great fruity flavor, while the serranos upped the heat factor.

So enamored with my creation, I used almost the entire batch trying to turn it into a really killer wing sauce. Unfortunately that pursuit did not turn out as well as I had hoped, but the sauce still reigned supreme as a condiment for empanadas, eggs, and just about anything else you'd want a hot sauce for.

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Jalapeño-Serrano Hot Sauce