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Working with Sriracha for a month, you'd think I'd be sick of the stuff, but quite the contrary. With my remaining fresnos and red jalapenos, I just wanted to make more. Since I had the "rooster-style" of this garlicky hot sauce down, I turned to the more authentic Thai version.

Long before Huy Fong's Sriracha was born in California, a sauce with similar ingredients, but a different texture and flavor was allegedly created in the Thai coastal city of Si Racha. This sauce runs thin and has a sweet, spicy, and garlicky combo that's most commonly paired with seafood.

Having never been to Thailand, I can't completely vouch for the authenticity of this recipe but from all that I've learned on my Sriracha journey, this base recipe from She Simmers (who just launched her Thai recipe column on SE!) seemed right on the mark.

I did some experimenting with varying amounts and ingredients to come up with the final recipe. Unlike last week's Sriracha sauce, this Thai version uses fresh chilis instead of fermented, so I could get immediate results.

What I ended up with was a different beast from last week's. It has a fresher, sweeter flavor with a stronger bite of garlic that'd be great for a vast array of foods—more wings anyone?

Ending a second week of Sriracha, I think I've caught a bug to keep making more hot sauce. Who knows what next week will bring.

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