Sandwiched: Cinnamon Roll Waffles with Bacon-Apple Frosting


Spicoli would approve. [Photograph: María del Mar Sacasa]

Have you heard of the website Waffleizer? It was brought to my attention by some SE editors, who pointed me to their cinnamon roll waffles. Waffleizer's goal is to cook anything in a waffle iron, and, well, hats off to them! As a food stylist, I use unconventional tools to prepare food (fire starter, anyone?) and duly doff my cap to anyone who thinks a breakfast-making iron is the perfect thing to cook squid, quesadillas, and cinnamon rolls with.

The only issue I had with Waffleizer? They used cinnamon roll dough made from scratch. All I could think of when reading the SE editors' email exchange was the summer I spent at the Kappa Sigma frat house with my friend Kate (please don't ask—it was a squirrel-infested nightmare). Given the pledge-fit cooking method, I decided against the made-from-scratch method.

I went with the pop-out Pillsbury cinnamon roll dough instead. Just fire up your waffle iron, pat the dough rounds down, press, and voilà! Cinnamon roll waffles.

I'm not done yet.

Pillsbury comes with a little bucket of white icing, but please, do you know me at all? I did take a little extra time for the filling. Cream cheese and confectioners' sugar quickly whipped up and then: crisp bacon strips and apples sautéed in the rendered fat with brown sugar and bourbon. Oh, and the waffles are split, brushed with bacon fat, and griddled before getting slathered in this filthy frosting.

(I know, and, you're welcome.)

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