Sandwiched: Crispy Caper Chicken and Homemade Mayonnaise


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Tips and tricks for making the best sandwiches at home.

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts and cutlets are surely close cousins of the rubber flip-flop. I've dined on many a chewy version in the name of healthful eating, but am always left wishing I had a do-over meal. When properly encased in a crisp coating of flavorful breadcrumbs, however, I will make an exception and pardon the aforementioned offense.

That pallid protein, rid of its bones and flabby skin, denuded of any of its chickeny qualities, pristinely sealed in tight, clear plastic wrap and decorated with a supermarket barcode is, for all its lack of excitement, easy. And, who doesn't appreciate easy once in a while?

This recipe begins with that easy chicken. For a proper coating that will crisp and rest gently on the surface of the chicken, the classic three-step method of dredging in flour, dipping in beaten eggs, and coating in bread crumbs is followed.

Rather than sandy, overly fine breadcrumbs, fresh bread slices are pulsed in the food processor along with butter (which will melt out during frying and add richness to the chicken), briny capers, pungent garlic, and sunny lemon zest. The breaded cutlets are fried in olive oil until deep golden and fragrant.

Tucked into a buttered and toasted roll, slathered with homemade mayo and crunchy capers that blossom as they sizzle in hot oil, this sandwich won't have you spelunking in your kitchen for a do-over.

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