A Sandwich a Day: The Prosciutto Panino at Jimmy's in Dallas, TX

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The Prosciutto Panino at Jimmy's Food Store is, if anything, a testament to the practice of sandwich simplicity. There are no secret ingredients, no surprises. The menu describes the sandwich as a "Six-inch Bun with Prosciutto, Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato, Olive Oil and Basil." No clever condiments, no tapenades or savory marmalades.

When Jimmy's refers to the "six inch bun" they don't mean six inches long, they mean six inches in diameter. The round, foccacia-syle loaf is thin but sturdy. Inside there are a couple slices of tomatoes and generous helpings of both mozzarella and prosciutto, several slices of each. The mozzarella takes a much greater volume in the sandwich, as its mild flavor would otherwise be overpowered by the porky presence of prosciutto, and the basil isn't overbearing but adds a noticeable freshness. A dash of olive oil seeps ever so slightly into the bread, and stands well as the sandwich's only "condiment."

At $6.99, the Prosciutto Panino is a deal, considering the loads of cured ham and mozzarella packed inside. It's large; even a hungry lunchgoer may end up with leftovers. Keep in mind, though, that Jimmy's gets slammed during lunch. Try to call in your 30 minutes in advance, and be prepared to take it to-go as there's limited seating inside.

Jimmy's Food Store

4901 Bryan Street, Dallas TX, 75206 (map) 214-823-6180; jimmysfoodstore.com