Gluten-Free Tuesday: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars


[Photographs: Elizabeth Barbone]

Nothing makes me appreciate peanut butter more than baking with it. Maybe it's because most of my peanut butter consumption is done on the run. When I'm running late in the morning, which is often, I spread a generous blob on a rice cake and call it breakfast.

Baking with peanut butter forces me to slow down enough to enjoy its light, nutty flavor. In this recipe, brown rice flour subtly enhances that nuttiness and dark brown sugar brings out the natural sweetness of the peanuts.

Before baking, I throw a handful of chocolate chips into the batter. Not so many that the chocolate overwhelms the peanut butter but enough so that a few chips dot each bar. But why stop at chocolate chips? Try adding a sprinkle of sweetened or toasted coconut, or chopped peanuts for an extra-peanuty bar.

And if you are peanut-free, you too can make this recipe! Simply swap the peanut butter with peanut-free spread, like pea-butter or sun butter.

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