Dinner Tonight: Creamy Brussels Sprouts Gratin with Blue Cheese


When cooking brussels sprouts, my go-to method is caramelizing them as much as possible. Often, I just start them cut-side down in a cast iron skillet until golden, then finish them in a blazing hot oven with a splash of balsamic vinegar. But that's not the only way to dress them up.

Who can argue with Nigel Slater's brussels sprouts technique, especially when he suggests a recipe as decadent as this one? Robed in a sauce of cream, blue cheese, and whole grain mustard, they're cooked down gratin-style under a blanket of Parmesan. It's the richest thing I've eaten in ages, and it took all my will to not slurp it up with a straw.

To make this into a main dish, toss it with cooked pasta.

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Creamy Brussels Sprouts Gratin with Blue Cheese ยป