Dinner Tonight: Buffalo Chicken Wrap


[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger

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Is a Buffalo chicken wrap a real dish? Or is just an evil creation foisted upon patrons of bars across this great land by lazy chefs? It's certainly popular, and I do admire the way the spicy, crispy chicken balances with cool and crunchy lettuce and the soft wrap. But for as ubiquitous as it is, you'd think someone would have nailed down the basic recipe.

That's not really the case. Unless you're cool with using sautéed chicken instead of the fried kind, you're out of luck. (By the way, does this make me a Buffalo chicken wrap purist?)

I did use this recipe from Taste of Home for the buttermilk fried chicken tenders, but the rest of the recipe was compiled from field research.

In my opinion, a Buffalo chicken wrap has six major components: fried chicken tenders, Buffalo sauce, blue cheese, chopped Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and of course, the wrap. Does it need to be blue cheese sauce or Ranch dressing? I wondered but decided to start here, then adjust.

The result was a fairly close approximation, though I did feel like something was missing. For the wrap, my local grocery store only had the jalapeno cheese flavor—it worked fine. The wrap needed to be saucier. Do you have any opinions about this important matter?

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