Cereal Eats: Kashi Heart to Heart


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Here we are again, with another highly commercialized, sweet (well, chocolate)-centric holiday and the cereal creators/marketers of the world have failed to put forth a cereal worthy of the season!

Where are the pink and red marshmallows? The chocolate heart cereals? Are you trying to tell me that people are thinking about fancy, expensive dinners and not cereal on this romantic day? Well, somewhere between the oysters and the conversation hearts, cereal has fallen through the cracks for Valentine's Day.

Aha, but there is a cereal that has a heart theme. It's not flashy or fancy or cutesy or chocolate-y—it's one of Kashi's greatest hits and a damn fine cereal. In fact, a big bowl of this honey-kissed cereal might be just the trick to warm my heart this Valentine's day.


Growing up, Kashi was a major name in the Palermo household cereal game. Before there was Crunch and Go Lean and all sorts of clusters and what not, there was plain old puffed rice Kashi, in all its plain, styrofoam-y glory.

Now that Kashi has gone cereal mainstream, I feel a bit like a fan of an underground band that suddenly has a hit single. Every time someone asks me if I "like healthy cereals" or am ever going to write about Kashi, I just shake my head at their ignorance.

I've been eating Kashi cereals since before you knew what cereal was! I can't quite remember the first time I had Heart to Heart, but I do remember it was love at first bite.


This healthy cereal is a mixture of fat little O's and hearts, with a sturdy constitution and significant crunch. As advertised, there are predominant flavors of honey and toasted oats. Milk is no match for the hearty (ha ha) pieces and they remain pleasantly crunchy. It's one of the few cereals that actually makes for a filling breakfast. The box displays a number of health and heart benefits as well. An all around win.

I realize I've stayed away from Kashi cereals in the past few years of my life, feeling that I had already spent enough time with them growing up. There are so many other cereals to explore.

But a few bites of Heart to Heart reminded me that it deserves a definite place on my cereal shelf. On this Valentine's Eve, an uncomplicated, simple cereal relationship is just what I need.

Any Heart to Heart fans out there? What is your favorite Kashi brand cereal?