A Sandwich a Day: Breakfast Sandwich at Devil's Teeth Baking Company, San Francisco

A Sandwich a Day

A different sandwich profiled every single day.


[Photographs: Lauren Sloss]

Have we raved about the Devil's Teeth Baking Company enough yet? First, it was their donut muffins then their mind-meltingly good cinnamon rolls. Another obsession: their bang-for-your-buck breakfast sandwich ($5) which, thankfully, is served all day.

It all starts with the biscuit: freshly baked, buttery, flaky, and supersized without having that bad-biscuit pasty consistency. Even better, it manages to hold together the sandwich.


This is impressive, considering it's topped with a large pile of fluffy scrambled eggs, complete with molten cheddar cheese oozing from the bottom, top, and middle of the egg's folds. A couple of strips of chewy bacon add an excellent smokey flavor, despite there not being enough of it. Still, every bite managed to be a well-balanced combination of biscuit, egg, cheese, and bacon. It's one of our favorite breakfast sandwiches in the city, especially when combined with a cup of Blue Bottle and a stroll on Ocean Beach.

Devil's Teeth Baking Company

3876 Noriega Street, San Francisco CA 94122 (map) 415-683-5533; devilsteethbakingcompany.com