A Look Inside the New Whitman's All-Peanut Butter Sampler Box

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[Photographs: Lee Zalben]

I grew up in Philadelphia, home to many delicious things—soft pretzels, cheesesteaks, water ice, Tastycakes, and more. During the holidays, the de facto hostess gift for any party was always Whitman's Sampler, that iconic, cross-stitch-looking box which for many years was made exclusively in the City of Brotherly Love.

Whitman's is now owned by Russell Stover, and my taste buds have since come to appreciate more artisanal chocolates, but imagine my glee, as your nut columnist, when I spotted this all-peanut butter version of the classic assortment.

There are five varieties in the box, each with a different nutty taste and texture.

Take a peek inside the box to see each chocolate »

Do you, or did you at one time, give your Valentine a box of Whitman's? Any other Philly natives out there?