Snapshots from Germany: 10 Cheap Eats in Berlin

Berlin isn't the first city that comes to mind when thinking of Europe's rich culinary traditions. But hidden behind the thousands of döner shops is a hearty, affordable food scene, drawing from Berlin's multikulti landscape.

While it's true that no list of Berlin cheap eats would be complete without the king of Berlin street food, the döner—and yes, we've included that here too—there is more lurking beneath the sesame seed-covered, heavily sauced surface. Go beyond the döner and explore the offerings of Germany's largest and most diverse city.

What else is worth eating in Berlin? What'd we miss?

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10 Cheap Eats in Berlin

Currywurst »
Bratwurst im Brötchen »
Schnitzel at Fleischerei Domke »
Falafel Sandwich at Falafel & Falafel »
Rotisserie Chicken at City Chicken »
Foccacia Romana at Garda Pizza »
Higher-Quality Pizza from I Due Forni, Il Casolare, and Il Ritrovo »
Cheeseburger and fries at Burgermeister »
Club Mate »
Döner »