Sandwiched: Steak with Caramelized Onion-Jalapeño Sauce

You already know Maria from her Dulces and Let Them Eat cake columns over on Sweets, but now she'll be adding another topic to her plate: sandwiches. You should know by now how much we love our sandwiches. Each week in Sandwiched, Maria will share a new recipe with us. Enjoy! —The Mgmt.


Open wide. [Photograph: María del Mar Sacasa]

First things first: I am absolutely delighted to be writing this column. Much of my time in the kitchen is devoted to baking cakes, but I always pencil dinner into the schedule. My style of (savory) cooking is all about getting dinner on the table fast. No fuss, and hopefully I'll only use one cutting board and one skillet or baking sheet. I like to linger over my glass of wine at the end of a meal and not worry about having stacks of pots, pans, and dishes in the sink, reproachfully calling out.

Another thing about my cooking: MacGyvered leftovers. My super power is sticking my arm elbow-deep in the fridge and fishing out odds and ends that most people would toss out but that I'm sensible enough to rescue.

Only two tablespoons of slow-roasted tomatoes left? Add it to mayo and use it in a sandwich. Which brings me to why I'm over the moon about this new column.

I've assembled many, many a sandwich with my ratty leftovers, and have scads of ideas for stuffing chewy rolls, crusty baguettes, buttery brioche, and even plain ol' sliced white. All recipes will stick to my rules of minimum kitchen paraphernalia required and weeknight-friendly prep time.

For the first post, I went with something I know really well: steak and onion-jalapeño sauce. This is a tweaked version of a sauce that's always served with churrasco at home, and it's a favorite of friends and family who never tire of requesting it. The sauce is sweet with caramelized onions, hot with slivers of fresh jalapeño, and rich with a bit of heavy cream. Cook your steak medium-rare and smother it with sauce, then tuck it into a sturdy roll and open wide.

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