Sandwiched: Crisp Grilled Cheese


So cheesy. [Photograph: María del Mar Sacasa]


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If it were socially acceptable, rather than a qualifying attribute to be a guest on Freaky Eaters, I'd eat grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner every night. And for breakfast each morning—although in that instance I'd to sneak a fried egg in the middle.

Even though I try to vary my dinner menus when I'm feeling stable and in control, when I'm busy or stressed to the point of yanking my hair out in tufts, I eat grilled cheese sandwiches for days on end. Straight-up Wonder bread style with Kraft singles. And gobs of ketchup and mayo.

This version of a grilled cheese is one I make when I'm feeling leisurely and have more time to enjoy the slowly crisping buttery bread and the quiet melt of a mound of curled-up orange cheese shavings.

Here are a few tricks for a crisp, gooey, and super-buttery grilled cheese sandwich. Start by slathering thick slices of bread and cooking them on both sides prior to adding the cheese. No pore of crumb is left dry and pale!

Cooking slowly is a must; crank the heat and you get a quick burn on the exterior and inadequately melted cheese in the middle. Finally, a sprinkling of a hard cheese, finely grated, crisps directly on the skillet for a shattering shell that'll make you as addicted to this classic as I am.

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