Cereal Eats: Kellogg's Krave Comes to the U.S.

Cereal Eats

Breakfastime musings about cereal.


[Photographs: Jessica Leibowitz]

New year, new cereals, who knew? I'm a little surprised at myself for letting some cereal varieties slip by unnoticed. It's because before I started writing this column, I was constantly battling my cereal obsession. I was unable to keep even the healthy ones in the house, for obvious box-lasting-one-night-only reasons, and tried to remind myself constantly that those sugary little clusters and nuggets are nothing but empty calories and cavities.

But now that I'm in the business of cereal (I take this column VERY seriously) I have free license to embrace my obsession. In fact I HAVE to, and all the love I've been holding in check is spilling forth as freely as the gallons of icy cold skim.

So, let's welcome another new friend, shall we?

Krave, much like Crunchy Nut, is fresh off the boat from across the pond. It was introduced in the UK in 2010 in six varieties: Chocolate Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate, Totally Chocolatey, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate, Double Chocolate. Just this month it was released in the U.S., but in just two flavors: Chocolate and Double Chocolate.

The boxes are very new and contemporary looking, with sharp clean colors. Part of it's raised and textured. Feels pretty darn cool to the touch. I see they are taking a page from new Cinnamon Toast Crunch school of graphics, with "edgy" animated characters that border on creepy, but I guess that's what the kids like these days. It is described as crispy multi-grain cereal on the outside smooth chocolate inside.

So basically, it's another cereal trying to be as close to cookies as possible.


The cross-section shot.

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I was extremely wary at first after experiences with other cereals of this nature, but I decided to dive in big-handful-first into the Double Chocolate flavor.

I ate about five or six pieces at once and was pleasantly surprised with the chocolate flavor and creamy texture. I wouldn't say a bountiful filling bursts forth from the little pillow-like nuggets, but with a large enough bite you are getting a considerable amount of chocolate filling. The cereal part has an interested aerated texture that sticks to your teeth in an unpleasant way, when dry, but has good chocolate flavor comparable to Cocoa Puffs.

When poured in a bowl with milk, the texture becomes downright addictive, the milk causing the walls of the little pillows to soften and collapse in a delightful way. The flavor gains a hint of health food chocolate on the finish (we've been wine tasting in the office—am I sounding too wine-talky?).

Overall, a solid cereal. I'm still warming up to it, not necessarily kraving it yet, but solid.

The Simply Chocolate version didn't quite translate for me. I found its blonde, multigrain body to taste oddly of fruit, which only increased in milk. I'd opt for Double Chocolate, if the mood, or krave strikes.

Sidenote: does this cereal remind anyone else of Hidden Treasures? Of the many discontinued cereals, Hidden Treasures haunts most of all. It wasn't even that good, it was so oddly sweet and fruity and weird but for some reason its strange glowing middle drew me in a way I can't describe. It was unavailable by 1995 and I am fairly certain I will never taste it again, but it was a pioneer in the filled of "filled" cereals. And for that, I salute. Krave should too.

Has anyone else tried Krave? Thoughts? Anyone else miss Hidden Treasures?