Grilling: Planked Meatloaf


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Nothing like meatloaf in the dead of winter. As I've been getting into planking more, a meatloaf seemed the perfect thing to put on a plank and let sit on a covered grill for about an hour, while warmly waiting indoors.

My instincts were right on here; this "barbecue" interpretation of meatloaf was pretty killer. The plank ended up being more of a platform to be able to grill a meatloaf—the subtle flavor of the plank didn't really transfer o to the heavily seasoned loaf—but the addition of some smoking wood did impart a little smokiness.

While that made the use of the grill worthwhile, the real standouts here were the herb stuffing, which I substituted for normal breadcrumbs on a whim, and the simple barbecue sauce glaze that formed an amazingly tasty crust.

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