Grilling: Barbecue Meatballs


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Time to beef up my arsenal of party foods with only week until the ultimate snacking fest—the Superbowl. What to add to a deep line-up of wings, taters, and nachos was a challenge, but it was about time to come up with an alternative to frozen meatballs.

This started with a mixture of fatty ground pork and beef seasoned with sauteed onions, garlic, and chili powder, which was rolled out into meatballs. They then get a sprinkle of barbecue rub and are grilled until well -seared over the hot side of a two-zone indirect fire with a little smoking wood added.

The second phase of cooking involved transferring the meatballs to an aluminum pan, tossing them in barbecue sauce, then back on the grill to finish cooking and let the sauce bake in.

These are some awesomely flavored meatballs. They have everything I was looking for: a slight smokiness, a big meatiness, and an unmistakable barbecue flavor from the rub/sauce combo.

Just don't do like me and make these late in the game after having one too many drinks where you might lose track of time, since, unlike a pork butt going low-and-slow, these will dry out. Pull them off right when they're done, and you'll be in meatball heaven.

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