Dinner Tonight: Kale and Onion Pie


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This time of year, I get home from the market every week with epic amounts of kale. I stew it with garlic, roast it into kale chips, toss it with pasta and cauliflower. But until now, I've never made it into a pie, mostly because the idea of pie-making on a weeknight seems like way too much effort. But this recipe from Mark Bittman is strangely easy.

The crust is unusual—it's made with mayonnaise and sour cream—but involves no work of folding in butter or rolling things out. It's more like a batter, which is as easy as mixing together some ingredients, spreading it in the bottom of a pie dish, and layering kale and onions on top.

This recipe could also be adapted to a number of fillings—something as similar as chard or any manner of other vegetables.

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