12 Hot Dogs That Haunt My Dreams

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Hot dog trends seem to be moving in every direction all at once. We've got renewed appreciation for the old-school—there's now a Detroit Coney-style stand in Los Angeles—while celebrity chefs like Richard Blais are opening new hot dog restaurants.

Insane monstrosities can now be found at Major League Baseball Stadiums and more Minor League Ballparks are tossing the weak national hot dog brands in favor of regional brands like Koegels, Hoffmans and Zwiegles.

Of all the hot dogs that I ate in 2011—and I ate a lot—here are the 12 that really stand out.

12 Hot Dogs that Haunt My Dreams »

Note: If you're into dream-haunting foods, read dreamer Adam Kuban's list of 8 pizzas from 2011.

So what's on the list for 2012? I'm headed to New Jersey to track down all the pork stores hotdoglover keeps talking about. What are your predictions for the next year in hot dogs? We'd also love to hear your recommendations for Hot Dog of the Week profiles.