Welcome to the Gilt Taste-Serious Eats Holiday Gift Shop


The website Gilt Taste is not only the current home of some of my favorite food writers working; they've put together an online shop of some of the best foodstuffs out there. So we're thrilled to partner with them this holiday season for the Gilt Taste-Serious Eats Holiday Gift Shop.

serious_eats_promo236x118_3.jpgYour Serious Eats editorial team—myself, Carey, Erin, Kenji, Maggie, Meredith, Robyn, and "Spice Hunter" Max Falkowitz—have combed through the many delicious offerings in the Gilt Taste store and chosen our very favorites to live in the SE shop. Everything in the Serious Eats store has been picked by one of our editors.

And believe us, there are a lot of tasty treats. La Quercia's incomparable bacon? Check. The Lady M "Gateau Nuage," one of our favorite cheesecakes in NYC? Done. The ingenious unbreakable Govino Glasses that we used at our Sandwichfest? That's there, too.

And what's more? Serious Eats readers get a 20% discount off every day's featured product. Each day this month we'll be featuring one of our favorite picks and giving you a 24-hour promo code that lets you lop off a big cut of the price. So stay tuned all month, Serious Eaters. We've started your holiday shopping list for you.

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