Sauced: Ancho-Orange Hot Fudge


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With a Houston-based family that numbers well into the forties, any occasion at the in-laws is bound to be huge. New Year's seems even more grandiose though, as the normal pattern of eating and more eating is mixed with alcohol and large caches of fireworks.

Somewhere along the night, huge tubs of Blue Bell make their way out the freezer, only to be scooped into dinky cake cones that seem overly unceremonious in relation to the celebration.

I was thinking of a way to liven up this part of the gorging tradition, with hot fudge being a nice start, but then took it a step further and added ancho chili and orange to heat things up.

This was like hot fudge on crack for me. First, I'm a sucker for orange and chocolate together, so that alone was enough. Second, the ancho added a flavor that wasn't wholly apparent on first taste, but left a little tingle in the back of throat after each bite, which made me want even more to feel that sensation again.

It's a certifiably special treat for a New Year's celebration. But it's so good, you'll probably want to eat it all of the time.

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